What is a Web Host?

A web host is a company that enables your website to be available to others on the Web. To make a website accessible to your customers, you need server space, connectivity, security systems and bandwidth capacity. Owning and managing these resources is quite expensive and most users or businesses cannot afford this kind of investment….

What is The Best Search Engine for File Hosting Sites?

If you have ever downloaded a file from a website such as Rapidshare or Mediafire and want to download it again, you probably have had a hard time searching for the file on those websites. This is because those websites don’t actually store files to make searching easy. However, there are other websites that can…

How to Find Out My IP Address?

Have you ever called up technical support after experiencing some problem with your computer and felt embarrassed when they ask for your IP address? Most people don’t even know what an IP address is let alone the IP address of their computer. Knowing the IP address of your computer is important and can come in…

Doteasy Hosting User Reviews Downtime Planes Promo Code 2016

Doteasy was established in the year 2000 and has been a provider of web hosting solutions and applications to clients in diverse markets. Today, the company enjoys the patronage of more than 500,000 clients. The main services offered by Doteasy include web hosting and cloud hosting. A cornerstone of the company’s service is providing affordable…

Why is my Server not Working?

Server problems can be highly technical but if you identify the problem correctly, the solutions are almost always fairly simple. If you are experiencing server trouble, then you first need to diagnose what is causing it. Read Complete: All Hosts Reviews

DreamHost Features User Reviews Uptime/Downtime Coupons

DreamHost is among the few companies that offer cloud storage as well as public cloud computing. More importantly, the company allows prospective clients to sign up for a free 30-day trial for the public cloud computing plan. Complete Review: All Hosts Reviews